Rome Experience – Lessons learned

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The youth our world needs today (Diogo, Sara, Silvia) Saturday, the 23rd of July.  Mattia Barina shared his learning experience transitioning from study to work. Dr. Maria Yarosh facilitated the session on the use of portfolios in identifying some skills we have developed during the week and in introducing the application of the portfolio [...]

Rome Experience – Participation for all

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Challenge IV - Participation for all (Diogo, Sara, Silvia) Friday, 22nd of July.  After the topic of the day was introduced, in break-out groups we prepared and then presented in the plenary different examples (in videos and sketches) on what this challenge mean in real life. Claudia De Stefanis, Head of the Communications Section of the European [...]

Rome Experience – Education for all

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Challenge III - Education for all (Diogo, Sara, Silvia) Thursday, 21st of July. Maria Teresa Zafra (Colegio Mayor de Granada) introduced the challenge of the day with the life story of a dropout and NEETs.  While another group went to interview Mr. Louis-Arnaud, Counsellor, Public Affairs and Advocacy of the Embassy of Canada in Rome, the rest [...]

Rome Experience – Inclusion for all

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Challenge II - Inclusion for all (Diogo, Sara, Silvia) Wednesday, the 20th of July. We learned about Interfaith Dialogue from a talk given by Tahira Ambreen. This was followed right after with a Skype conference from Indonesia with Lailatul Fitriyah's talk on “Migration and Peace-building”. Both interventions provoked a live discussion on the contribution of Religions in [...]

Rome Experience – Employment for all

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Challenge I - Employment for all (Diogo, Sara, Silvia) Tuesday, 19th of July. After the general presentation of the project, we were divided in small groups to address the first challenge. We realized the importance of learning resilience and creativity faced with job scarcity after graduating from the university. The transition from work to school is [...]

Rome Experience

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Second Training Seminar of Erasmus+ Project "Roots and Wings" in Rome A challenge for each day The second Training Seminar of Erasmus+ Project "Roots and Wings" (Capacity Building in the field of Youth) was held in Rome from 18 – 23 July 2016. The training focused on some of the current social challenges in Europe [...]