A Search for Solutions

8 – 13 July 2015

A group of 40 people from different cities of Spain, from Munich, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Rossano, St. Petersburg and youth guests as far as the Philippines and India gathered at C. M. Poveda for five days. Convened by Education for an Interdependent World (EDIW) and supported by its project partners, groups of youths came in search of solutions to social challenges that they themselves have identified as crucial in today’s world and to which they can be part of the solution.

There were five challenges identified: Youth Unemployment; Building Intercultural Dialogue; Integration of Migrants; Early School Leaving – Dropout rates; Youth Participation in Civil Society… the core issues dealt with in the seminar.

The Madrid seminar followed a methodology incorporating non-formal learning with input from experts. Mornings were spent on awareness-raising, presentations of data, analysis of context and open discussion between participants and experts on a specific social challenge. Divided in small groups, participants dealt with different approaches to the challenges with discussions, debates, simulations of scenarios, and came up with alternative solutions that implicated actions and commitment on their part.

The challenges brought about identification of competences needed to be effective in the solutions that the youth would commit to. Competences as identified were: Collaborative leadership, Intercultural Dialogue; Social Entrepreneurship and Communication and Project Development. Simultaneous workshops on the selected competences were facilitated by group leaders knowledgeable on the context and eliciting from the group approaches and solutions or ways forward to the challenges discussed. The leaders were trained in the Tuning methodology on outcomes-based, student-centred and competence-based learning by EDIW team and collaborators.

Complete programme available here.