European Parliament

Lusaka, 20 July 2016

Dear everyone,

Warm greetings to all of you. I am sorry for not being able to be with you in this important meeting of Roots and Wings financed by the Programme Erasmus+. Due to my institutional commitments, I have to be in Zambia today, representing the Head of the Delegation of the mission for electoral observation which is supposed to supervise the correct development of the elections coming up in the next months.

I thank all of you and the promoters of this project for giving me the opportunity to share my contribution, through this written text, about a topic which is very close to my heart, like that of migration and integration.

Migration and integration: indissoluble issues

We are facing a migratory phenomenon of historical importance, a new and complex phenomenon where it seems inconceivable that it continues to be managed by the same instruments and policies utilized until now.

Because of this, in this last year and a half time, I have concentrated all my energies and all my internal work in the European Parliament on the definition of a Resolution, approved in April, of which I was the co-rapporteur. The title is “The situation of the Mediterranean and the need of a holistic approach to the phenomenon of migrations”.

This Resolution, which represents a new programmatic framework for Europe on the theme of migrations, contains a very simple message: the migratory phenomenon is not disputable, but is managed by means of all the policies and instruments of which Europe can dispose of, in the optimal combination between internal and external politics.

This Resolution, which I wanted to send to you together with this text, so that you can distribute and read it, if you wish, contains concrete responses in short, medium and long term. Above all, for the first time, it presents a global-holistic approach in the management of issues related to immigration.

There are diverse instruments contained in this Resolution: from the demand of a full application of the principle of solidarity to the need laying down as absolute priority the rescue of men in the sea; from the need of organizing a common european system of refuge to the idea of promoting actions of cooperation with the third countries which allows to remove the cause of immigration.

Among the policies and instruments contained in the Resolution, an important space is dedicated to the theme of integration with regard to which the indication to prepare National Plans for Integration based on the role of local communities and civil society is provided, instruments which would leave behind the emergency approach to migratory flows and would know, on the other hand, how to embrace modern, strategic and global management of immigration.

The migratory phenomenon, if dealt with in holistic terms, can contribute to the relaunching of european Union and their values; can promote the construction of an inclusive, sustainable and supportive Europe; in particular, can encourage the building of the european dream imagined by our Founding Fathers.

Thank you for your attention and good work to all of you.

Cécile Kyenge
Member of the European Parliament
Rapporteur on the situation in the Mediterranean and the need for a holistic EU approach to migration in the European Parliament and former Minister for Integration of Italy.

Original Text in Italian