Reviewing the challenges and deepening on the competences

18 – 23 July 2016

The Seminar brought 40 young people together, to review and update the challenges identified in Madrid and to continue with the dialogue and deepening of the competences already started.  New to the seminar were planned meetings with those representing organizations and government institutions already acting on the challenges that the group was looking a way forward to pursue.

As in Madrid, the Rome seminar followed the non-formal methodology of learning, focusing on the youth as the center of the learning process.

Caritas, International Organization for Migration, Embassies of Canada and Mexico opened their doors to give interviews on their respective involvements and policies on migration, dropouts and youth unemployment. Speakers from the European Commission Representation in Italy, the international organization Young Christian Workers, Foreign Workers Association in Italy, Castroverde Foundation lent themselves for comments, questions, clarifications in the interaction with the participants.

Six young workers talked about their two-month experience of immersion in the Philippines in R&W’s pilot project introducing a multiple intelligence research-based methodology in teaching Mathematics as a solution to prevent school dropouts. Enlivened by pictures of the people they learned to care for, and places they got to see, the YWs shared the challenges and rewards of immersion in a culture foreign to their own, the inward change that the experience brought to them as persons, and the new lens with which they now see beyond the reality they came back to upon their return to their home countries.

Needs analysis confirmed that the social challenges identified at the start of the project continue to be crucial ones to be addressed and acted on in the next seminars and projects.

One of the team leaders shared his experience of transitioning from university to work after months of applications and rejections and highlighted the importance of soft skills and competences as prerequisite qualifications for many employers turning job rejection into opportunity.

Instruments for self-assessment and personal reflection from DARE+ Portfolio the Youthpass were introduced to measure levels and extent of learning in the seminar and in the integrated actions planned in Roots and Wings throughout its project duration.

Complete programme available here.