Pathways: Education-to-work transitions (Youth unemployment)

“Employment is nature’s physician, and is essential to human happiness.” (Galen)

Ensuring education for all is not enough if it doesn’t come along with the opportunity to work. Employment is not only crucial for self-sustenance, but is also correlated with self-realization, self-esteem and higher life satisfaction. However, about 20% of under 25 years old were jobless across the European Union at the beginning of last year (Statista). This halts the momentum that should propel young people towards their future at the very beginning of their career. Transition from education to work becomes then an important challenge to overcome.

The development of a set of competences for employability through workshops, such as skills of public speaking in a language different from one’s own, creativity, learning from other cultures, a dialogue with people of different backgrounds, as well as planning in-depth interviews, protocols.

In the preparation for the training seminars and follow-up periods, a new method of learning and disseminating was developed, and, a system of youth ownership of the project was generated during the year.

The transition from work to school is a critical period. This could be an opportunity to consider volunteering to gain work experience, a requisite for employment in the future. Faced with job scarcity, young people need resilience and creativity after graduating from the university.