Youth Social Commitment and Civic Participation

“Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter.” (Martin Luther King, Jr)

While inclusion is a prerequisite for a functioning society, active participation of all its members is what allows every individual to represent others and be represented, and facilitates its constant change for the better and the new. Civic participation is the first step to becoming truly active citizens; and youth social commitment is where it should all start: the new generations speaking up and working to build the type of society they envision. Our dream is that all voices can and shall be heard.

Participants were given platforms to express opinions, to learn skills of negotiation, to engage in articulations of concerns and questions in three ways: Think tanks for discussions and debates on selected challenges from positions of different groups, simulations of conflictive scenarios, and, having the opportunity to meet and dialogue with individuals and organisations actively involved in these issues, such as, Embassies, International Organisations, cultural mediators and social workers and policy makers, specifically representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission. In addition, volunteering and social entrepreneurship were given as examples of youth social commitment.