Discovering Brussels, the heart of Europe

(Cherie Lyn Salisi)

It seems like so long ago that groups of young people from Spain and Italy went to Brussels. Everyone we met was  so welcoming. It was  a really incredible experience for us to know  more about their culture, the European Parliament,  and of course the food (chocolates, fries, waffles, etc.). It was so lovely to see different people from different backgrounds coexisting. I think they make the most of diversity here in Europe.

The trip’s  purpose was  to  talk about the youth being the agents of integration. It’s really great that the group is from different backgrounds because we can give different opinions, perspectives and information. We arrived on the 25th of February and the 1st session was held at Hotel Adagio Access Brussels Europa.

The topic was about the impact of R&W. We had an interactive session where each participant chose a word and explained why. Spring, Smile, Wonderful, Dream, Ideas, Learning, Travel, Opportunity, Love, Beloved, Ripples were some of the words that been told. It was interesting because some of the words are connected, they may have the same meaning. Spring like a new beginning, Dream, Ideas and Learning can mean to understand, to create something.

We also talked in small groups with topics such as Migration and Integration, Transition processes in Education to Work, Youth participation and about Dropouts. On the 26th of February, the 2nd session was held at the Parlamentarium. This trip in Brussels was beyond magical and a trip we can never forget. Friendships and bonds were created with locals. Everywhere as we walked is so picturesque that we stopped frequently (some of us kind of got lost with the group). Loved the architecture of the Grand Plaz in the main square of the city. It’s one of the most beautiful squares in the world and it’s even more magical at night. We are so thankful to be given such opportunity.