Challenge III – Education for all

(Diogo, Sara, Silvia)

Thursday, 21st of July. Maria Teresa Zafra (Colegio Mayor de Granada) introduced the challenge of the day with the life story of a dropout and NEETs.  While another group went to interview Mr. Louis-Arnaud, Counsellor, Public Affairs and Advocacy of the Embassy of Canada in Rome, the rest of the participants were engaged in focus groups.

The challenge of drop outs continues to be a major concern of Roots and Wings project. This gave rise to a pilot project in the Philippines with six of the participants volunteering in three public schools and a school for street children. This was a major component of Project Roots and Wings.  The volunteers shared their two-month immersion in the educational system of the Philippines with a presentation entitled “Leaving your world to meet the other”, a reflection from different perspectives of the experience in Manila.

Before proceeding with the reporting on the different interviews in the Embassies and organisations, two young people read to all participants the letter of Cécile Kyenge, Co-rapporteur of the Initiative Report for Migrations in the Mediterranean Sea at the European Parliament and former Minister for Integration of Italy.

The week was not one that ended up in “just talking”. We had to put ourselves in the shoes of those who played different opposing roles in the challenges we had identified through the dynamics of a Think Tank Workshop to reach more concrete and possible actions on the issues proposed.  This was facilitated by participants Gabriel Coupeau and Mattia Barina, alumni of London School of Economics.

The day was wrapped up with a unique and meaningful evening of Interreligious Celebration. Readings were shared expressing in diverse ways and contexts the nobility of the human character, the richness of diversity and at the same time, also made alive and tangible in symbols and dance.  We realized that there is another big challenge before us, that of Interreligious dialogue.