Challenge I – Employment for all

(Diogo, Sara, Silvia)

Tuesday, 19th of July. After the general presentation of the project, we were divided in small groups to address the first challenge. We realized the importance of learning resilience and creativity faced with job scarcity after graduating from the university. The transition from work to school is a critical period and could be an opportunity to consider volunteering to gain work experience, a requisite for employment in the future.

There were varied opportunities to interact with agencies, embassies and politicians. Silvia Costa, Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education in the European Parliament, sent a written message to all participants. From Brussels, Andy Predicala, IYCW Permanent delegate to the ILO Conference in UN Geneva, and Monicah Wanjiru, General Secretary of the coordination of national movements of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW/JOC) presented the experiences of young workers in different countries. The second part of the day was dedicated preparing the interviews with selected Embassies and organizations in Rome on their respective approaches to the different challenges.