Challenge II – Inclusion for all

(Diogo, Sara, Silvia)

Wednesday, the 20th of July. We learned about Interfaith Dialogue from a talk given by Tahira Ambreen. This was followed right after with a Skype conference from Indonesia with Lailatul Fitriyah’s talk on “Migration and Peace-building”. Both interventions provoked a live discussion on the contribution of Religions in addressing the challenge of inclusion.

Divided in groups, we headed to our appointments with the Mexican Embassy, Caritas Rome and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Our interviews with Mr. Alfonso de Alba, Policy and Human Rights and Third Secretary Embassy of Mexico in Rome, Mr. Flavio Di Giacomo, IOM Public Relations-Media Focal Point and the Head of Health Section of Caritas-Rome, Mr. Salvatore Geraci, gave us an idea about the Policies on Migration and Integration from the respective points of view of those we interviewed.

From the angle of a project proposal, four of our fellow participants from Rome shared their project idea on how to integrate alienated members of their own migrant communities in Rome. This was followed by a workshop with Dr. Maria Yarosh on Interculturality. The day dealing with inclusion ended with a visit to the Vatican and the Jewish Ghetto within the city.