The youth our world needs today

(Diogo, Sara, Silvia)

Saturday, the 23rd of July.  Mattia Barina shared his learning experience transitioning from study to work. Dr. Maria Yarosh facilitated the session on the use of portfolios in identifying some skills we have developed during the week and in introducing the application of the portfolio in our own career paths.

We had good times together, sharing and preparing things. We created something together as a group, established new relationships marked by our cultural diversity, and intercultural dialogue promoting among us a better knowledge of what it means to be with persons of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Last but not the least, we developed our communication skills and skills to adapt to new situations.

This seminar has enormous significance for us. We learned, shared and we created experiences that made us grow and become more aware of certain situations around the world. The training opened us ways to know other projects and the people that we met gave us the courage to say to each other that what we want of this world is possible. The challenges made us realise what our society needs and what we have as young Europeans in our hands to move forward. These days renewed our will to keep working for a better world, empowering us to act and to invent alternatives or new experiences so that we could be the youth our world needs today.