Challenge IV – Participation for all

(Diogo, Sara, Silvia)

Friday, 22nd of July.  After the topic of the day was introduced, in break-out groups we prepared and then presented in the plenary different examples (in videos and sketches) on what this challenge mean in real life.

Claudia De Stefanis, Head of the Communications Section of the European Commission Representation in Italy presented different EU programs being implemented in Italy. This was followed by testimonials in volunteering, cultural mediation, reception of asylum-seekers and refugees. Alejandra Hidalgo (Voluntariado Madrid), Annaliza Bueno (Association of Foreign Workers in Italy/ASLI) and Serena Falasca (Social Cooperative “Tre Fontane”) showed us different ways of being engaged as active citizens. These sharing of experiences, encouraged us to continue to fight for and address these challenges as agents of change. This day was very important in that it reminded us of our social responsibility and our sense of commitment. We gained some new hope. It is important to say that there are many projects that young people can be engaged in. We just have to search and go for them. It is amazing to see how many young people are working in volunteering projects.

We had a thorough discussion and voted on the pressing challenges that we need to tackle in the next training seminars, formal or non-formal learning opportunities in the near future. To close the day, we had a lively and enjoyable evening representation of stories that we learned from different countries and cultures present in each of our groups.